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Farming is Opportunity.  Whether it's a rented garden plot, a backyard in town, a smallholding of a few acres or wide open ranch with big sky, pastures, and forests, farming offers an opportunity to improve ourselves and our environment.  Better food, clean food, fresh air, peace and quiet can all be found.  Perhaps your motivation is restoring the earth.  Maybe you just want to make a few extra bucks.  If you want to take it all the way, make a good living, enjoy an awesome lifestyle, you can do it all while at the same time making the world a better place.



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Form a Local Cooperative Enterprise

The big corporations have the money and power because we give it to them.
We buy their products.
They don't make a big profit on our purchase, the store makes more on each unit than the manufacturer. They get the big money because we go back week after week to buy their products.
People complain about the big corporations, but unless they take action, the big corporations will keep on getting bigger because there is no alternative other than to keep buying their products.

Make Measurable Progress

We live our lives day to day, quite often hoping for a better life. More money, more comfort, a bigger house, better health, a closer family situation. Whatever your Thing is, it's a fair bet that if you were closer to reaching your desired situation or objective, you would be happier or better off.

Years back a coach turned me on to this rule:
Make measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time or make significant changes.

Let's look at that statement:

Problems and Solutions

I'm one of those people who sees opportunity everywhere.  If there is a problem, solving it is an opportunity to either make money, help someone out, or make the world a better place.

We've got homeless people in every city and town in America.  Meanwhile we've got all those empty homes that are not doing the banks or the communities any good.

We've got crap in our food, poisons, preservatives, GMOs, and god only knows what else.  People want clean, wholesome food.

College of Organic Farming

It's been 45 years since Earth Day 1970 which, in some circles, is seen as the birth of the modern organic growing movement.  Tell that to Sir Albert Howard who was doing some of his best work at the turn of the 19th century or Lady Eve Balfour who started her Haughley Experiment in 1939.  The fact of the matter is organic farming is what humans have been practicing for thousands of years before the advent of mechanization and chemical inputs.  Even with decades of study and development organic methods are still in their infancy.  I can only imagine the level of understanding we'll have in

River Water Irrigation

The National Weather Service operates the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service which monitors river levels across the US.  The Suwannee River is a mile from my house.  In the second largest recorded flood of the Suwannee, the river came all the way up to my garage.  One inch higher, it would have entered the garage.  During the summer I tend to keep an eye on the level close to home.   I've seen the river nearly dry up, with just a trickle running through the sculpted limestone bottom.  When it is that low

Growing At Sea

Two thirds of the Earth is covered by water.  As our population grows, so does our need for arable land to feed the people.  Meanwhile, development and urban sprawl consume more land each year.  A road 10 miles long by 25 feet wide takes 30 acres of land, and this would be a narrow road.  Taking away the deserts, the cities, the mountains that are too steep to plant crops, and places covered with ice, we've only got around 9 billion acres to feed 7 billion people.  Right now, around 40% of the Earth's land area is used for agriculture.  If our population is to continue to grow, it is essent

The Grapes of Wrath

This has been going on for decades.
This is why your food is cheap.
This is the workforce of Big Ag.

The Case For A Cooperative Enterprise

This plan takes a holistic approach at operating a business using the people, skills, money, and resources available. The ability to evolve by adding projects imparts a dynamic element not found in traditional, more rigid business models. With a couple of hundred people to make things happen, the business can go far, however, it is not written in stone that this is the only way to proceed. This is a framework which is flexible enough to change direction according to how the winds blow.

Local Business Ethics

Ethics is the branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.  

Of course this is then dependent on one's concept of right and wrong and if we want to talk about ethics, we'll have to get into thinking about belief systems.  Belief systems are subjective.  You can choose to believe in an idea based on feelings and intuition rather than logic and reason.  Ethics, then, are subject to public opinion.


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