Book Swap

I've got several books. I've read them, reread them, can probably recite from them.  New books cost at least a few bucks. Some can get Pricey.  Once the information contained in them is assimilated, the books are often relegated to the shelf to collect dust.

Put them back into circulation through a book swap.
Book Swapping has been going on probably since people figured how to read and write. There are plenty of websites that assist in swapping, for example. Give up a book in trade for another. Swapping in the mail incurs postage. Swapping in person will find the price is right.

Permies and homesteaders get around. They go to classes, seminars, farmers markets, tour farms, attend lectures and seed swaps-plenty of places to go and things to do. Adding a book swap to an event is easy enough. Just take a couple of books with you, leave a couple in your car. The idea is gaining in popularity in a weak economy.

Promoting a book swap as part of an event would add value to that event and may even fill a couple more seats. As a host, get the word out that a book swap is part of your event by mentioning it in an email or listing it on a flyer. Put a few books in a box under your farmers market table.

Here's something nifty taking hold all over the world: The Little Free Library.

Book Swapping Through The Mail
The US Postal Service offers Media Mail.  Books can be shipped for reasonable prices.  Place in an envelope or box, add sender and recipient address with ZIP code, and pay by the pound.  It'll get delivered but there is no guarantee on when.  Shipping costs begin at $2.69/pound and get better as the weight grows.

See the USPS for Media Mail Shipping Rates.

The size and number of the books being shipped would determine the packaging.  A couple of small books could fit into a brown Kraft envelope.  Looking at prices, Office Depot has 10" x 13" Clasp Envelopes available at $16.79/100, 17¢ each.  This puts the cost of shipping 5 pounds of books at less than $5.  For larger books, padded mailers offer better protection.

Buying Used Books
I came across a few weeks ago.  They offer probably the cheapest books that can be found online.  Books as low as $2.99.   There is an entire Gardening section with outstanding titles.  Those low prices include shipping.  I tried it out, spending about a hundred bucks.  Some had signs of light wear.  For the most part these books were as good as new.  Some look as though they were just published.   I've bought books from them a couple more times.  I'm hooked.

If a person needed books to swap or stock up a Little Free Library, I recommend this site.

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