My Homemade Microbe Mix

Here's are 3 pictures to show the water plant I use to make a microbe mix by crushing the leaves by hand in a large bucket (25Litre) to the same parts Raw sugar - usually a kilo of each (not sure what that is in pounds as I'm in Australia) then once mixed/crushed together  you'll find the sugar bruises into the leaves and sticks to it.

I then push it down hard into a big jar with a large hole in the top and when done I put a small rock on top to hold it down then cover with a paper towel.

I check the mix daily and press down to encourage the juice to extract for a week or so then pour the liquid from the jar into a 1 litre jar with a screw lid and usually get 1/2L from it and add the same part Molasses (1/2L) then dilute 10 parts water to 1 part microbe mix .

The left over solids go straight into the compost bin.  

I also have used it as a foliar spray over my entire garden after a lull on a showery day or the cool of a late afternoon.(I have 876sqm block). That's trees and all.

Above is the Salvinia in tubs growing. This plant grows extremely quickly so if used don't allow it to escape into the water ways as it is very aggressive.


Above is the raw form of Raw sugar &               Here is the finished product with Molasses added.

Salivinia mixed.

At the rear of this pic in the black tub I grow 'Duckweed', its an Australian native water plant high in nitrogen which goes straight into the composts as I add to them. This  water plant grows quick so I get a great return for very little effort.