Problems and Solutions

I'm one of those people who sees opportunity everywhere.  If there is a problem, solving it is an opportunity to either make money, help someone out, or make the world a better place.

We've got homeless people in every city and town in America.  Meanwhile we've got all those empty homes that are not doing the banks or the communities any good.

We've got crap in our food, poisons, preservatives, GMOs, and god only knows what else.  People want clean, wholesome food.

We're starting to import organic produce, and in no small amount.  Last year was something like $4 Billion.  

What we don't import we ship across the country:  apples from Washington, oranges from Florida, Potatoes from Idaho, Cheese from Vermont, Peaches from Georgia, Wheat from Kansas, Corn from Iowa, Pineapples from Hawaii.  The average meal rode for 3000 miles to get to your plate.  We need to relocalize our food system.

When we buy food from across the country, we are hiring people there when we should be hiring people right here.  I don't understand why every single town does not have a Buy Local program.

I've been putting together a Cooperative Enterprise plan.  It still needs some tweaking, but it's coming along and is quite well rounded already.  Putting together the funding and finding the people is a challenge, but it's only a hurdle.  Looking at our list of problems, those homeless people would surely leap at the oportunity to grow high quality vegetables for the local market.

We got the people, a plan, a product, a market and a dream of making the world a better place.  All we have left to do is work out the details and come up with the funding.

If they can crowdfund a video game and raise 64 Million bucks in a month, I think it would be possible to make the world a better place.