We Need New Farmers Growing Old Crops

Looking at the statistics of food production and population there is no way we can get out of this GMO mess by going cold turkey. The planet is dependent on the food produced to feed itself. There are not enough food producers out there growing clean food with heirloom seed to replace the GM food being grown. The seed producers are no longer out there to replace the GM seed.

It is our own complacency that has allowed a few companies to dominate the seed industry as well as infiltrate gubmint agencies to the level they have which has enabled their practices to continue.

Continued complacency will only worsen the problem. There is a way out but it will require Deliberate Action.

The word is spreading about the problems with GMOs. Getting past complacency and ignorance in the general population is a challenge, but progress is being made. As more people become aware, the replacement for these GMOs, upon which the world is currently dependent, will need to be in place.

What I'm talking about is a decentralized, relocalized, sustainable food system.

We need new farmers growing old crops using no-till and sustainable methods and freely available natural inputs in every nook and cranny available.

We need people to be informed and aware of the existence of these new farms, and the benefits of patronizing their business. Self employed farmers open up job opportunities by leaving their old job and by building a farm enterprise to the point it can hire more help. Money spent locally improves the local economy by circulating capital locally rather than ship it electronically to the corporate bank in another town. We need customers who insist on food grown for wholesomeness, flavor and nutrition rather than transportation survivability and shelf appeal. We need those same customers demanding it in their schools, stores, and restaurants.

To get these new farmers going, we need those people with the knowledge and ability to teach, and we need to develop cooperative enterprises and/or draw in the private investment capital to make it all happen.