Co-Op: Farm Manager

The Farm is the backbone of the enterprise.  Low operating costs combined with potentially fantastic production gives us the ability to generate substantial income from a few acres.  Unlike the kitchen, where projects are started and completed in a few hours, the farm is a continuously operating system.  We'll have people stop in to help for a few hours here and there, and several people throughout the day.  To keep the work on track towards a desired outcome, we'll need a dedicated farm manager. 

Duties include:

  • Keep current and up to date any and all required licenses, training, certificates, and permits
  • Ensure compliance with food handling, fire, and health regulations, ensure cooperation with government inspectors
  • Directing staff
  • Training staff
  • Regularly inspect and maintain equipment, machinery, systems and the structures
  • Coordinating activities in the scope of the farm operation
  • Ordering and saving seed
  • Establishing a crop plan for the year, adjusting as necessary, to best meet the demands of the customers, the kitchen, and the store
  • Planting, tending, harvesting, and handling crops in a diligent and timely manner
  • Operate without the use of synthetic inputs
  • Ensure the well being of the livestock
  • Establish and implement a fertility management plan
  • Establish and implement a pest control plan
  • Establish and implement a disease control plan
  • Properly store equipment, materials, and tools when not in use
  • Regularly communicate with the kitchen manager, in advance, estimated harvest times, volume, and crop quality
  • Strive to maximize a quality yield in the available space


Above all else, promoting safe work habits, ensuring product safety, and adherence to wholesome production standards at all times will be paramount.



Cooperative Enterprise, Plan Outline