Co-Op: Judicial Board

From time to time, internal disputes and disagreements will arise.  In order to resolve issues of contention, a judicial review board will be a key element of self governance.  This board would have the duty to hear all voices, assimilate available information, and arrive at an impartial and definitive conclusion.  Jurisdiction covers all areas of operation.  The Judicial Board has absolute authority in all matters brought before it.  The board can institute whatever action is deemed necessary, up to and including termination of contract and forfeiture of shares.

An agreement to comply with the rulings of the Judicial Board can be included in the shareholders and sharecroppers agreements.  This gives the board the role of arbiter for internal matters.  

The 5 member board shall be comprised of at least 2 shareholders and 2 sharecroppers.  These members are selected through general election and serve for a period of one year.  One of the members of the board shall be elected by the members of the board to serve as Chairman.  When voting to resolve an issue, the Chairman shall only vote when there is a tie among the other members.  At least three members of the board, including the Chairman, must be in attendance to hear a case and arrive at a conclusion.  



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