Co-Op: Kitchen Manager

I expect the kitchen to quickly become the most important contributing component of the enterprise.  With a virtually unlimited number of products, the kitchen will be busy.  A dedicated, full time manager will be essential to orchestrate activities from day to day and bring order to chaos.

Duties include

  • Keep current and up to date any and all required licenses, training, certificates, and permits
  • Ensure compliance with food handling, fire, and health regulations, ensure cooperation with government inspectors
  • Ensure labelling compliance and removal of out of date product
  • Maintaining consistency and quality of finished product
  • Directing staff
  • Training staff
  • Scheduling the use of equipment
  • Ordering product, be it from the farm or from suppliers
  • Regularly inspect and maintaining equipment, machinery, and the structure
  • Ensure proper rotation and storage of foodstuffs
  • Monitor temperatures of hot and cold foods
  • Monitor temperature of cold storage units
  • Use available perishables in producing goods for sale
  • Reducing waste
  • Establishing and adjusting inventory and prep par levels
  • Inventory control
  • Coordinating activities in the scope of the kitchen operation

Above all else, maintaining sanitation standards, promoting safe work habits, and ensuring product safety at all times will be paramount.



Cooperative Enterprise, Plan Outline