Co-Op Project Manager

A full time organizer for the enterprise will be needed.  Someone on site full time, 40-50 hours/weeek, salaried perhaps, responsible for coordinating daily operations.

operate in a manner such that nobody gets hurt
See that the insurance, licenses, permits, certfications and documentation is in place
work with committees in establishing and implementing the plan
promote the big picture of cooperation, collaboration, and dignity
set up training
schedule functions, use of stuff
get projects lined up, in order, off the ground
get out in front of the operation
find work, prioritize, delegate
keep the people motivated and engaged
identify leaders, give them recognition and responsibility

The enterprise needs a Project Manager.
A boss, a chief, a director, a leader, the penultimate position in a hierarchal command and control administrative network.  We can assign whatever title seems appropriate on any given day.  A title would fail to describe the nature of this role.  We need someone who can keep the ship on an even keel through treacherous waters at the edge of the map where the monsters reign.     

We need someone who can ride all nite, smite the dragon, save the damsel in distress, and still make it to the ball on time.
We need someone who can bring order to chaos, put out fires, and solve the problems before they gum up the works.
Someone who's out in front of the enterprise setting up conditions which promote success for the group and the individuals involved.
Someone not afraid to fail because they have failed before and know how to keep getting back up.
Someone who won't admit defeat.  Unless it's an actual defeat, in which case there are contingencies, options and alternatives in place so we can keep right on going.

Hero?  When needed.
Humble?  Certainly.  
Able, Capable, Competent?  Yeah, these are good traits.
Fair and Balanced?  No.  I think this person should be strongly tilted in favor of the enterprise, even kinda freaky for it.  A touch of zealotry would manifest in someone highly dedicated to the cause.

This position would entail some administrative functions.  There is the obligatory paperwork and reports.  Rather than be bogged down by a mundane routine the Project Manager needs to be able to move about without encumberance.  You can't do much when you're stuck in an office all day.  The office is a necessary evil.  The real work gets done outside of the office.  Meeting with planners, coordinating the several departments and committees, soliciting counsel and discourse, talking with folks about their dreams.  This is a different sort of company and requires a different approach.  We're trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle but we have to make the pieces out of what we have available, find different material from which to fashion more pieces, and put them together in a way that makes a picture.  The only picture we have for reference keeps changing along with people's dreams.  

The Project Managers best role is to instill in everyone a clear and compelling vision of the future.  Don't bother selling us bread or pizza or green beans, we've got as much of that as we can stand.  Rather, sell us Hope.  Everyone wants it and the price is right.  Give us just a little, we'll want more.  Give us enough hope, it turns into belief.  When enough people believe in it, it becomes the truth.  The truth sets us free from what once held us back.  With nothing in our way, the only thing in left in front of us is our future.

I'll probably rewrite this a few times so it's not so corny.  I wonder how I can do it without sacrificing accuracy.


Cooperative Enterprise, Plan Outline