Co-Op: Updates

28 December
I removed the notion of the sharecropper fee. 

22 November
It's been a busy couple of months!
Added a section on Flipping Properties.

30 August
Adding a section on USDA Grants and Loans.  There's a lot of material to sift through to put together a more complete description of how this fits into the plan.

22 August
Added some explanation of the Judical Board

19 August
Hit the copy store, ran off 25 copies of the Business Plan, started handing them out.

18 August
Added a discussion about Multiple Cooperative Enterprises

17 August
Added some thoughts about Franchising

14 August
I've finished putting together the Business Plan brief.  It is available online in .PDF

11 August
Patreon project is LIVE.  Still working out the bugs with the search engine.

10 August
Added the Cooperative Enterprise Main page. 

9 August
Launched the Patreon project, pending approval by 

8 August
A Patreon account is being set up.