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How to Grow a Moss Lettuce Basket

This one has eye appeal and everything you need for a Honeymoon Sandwich: Lettuce Alone!  I'm thinking a hanging lettuce basket would get some attention at a Farmer's Market. 

How To Preserve Eggs With Water Glass

The old ways are being lost to time.  Granny Miller preserves the old ways and Preserves Eggs with Water Glass.

Soda Can Solar Collector

This design uses 289 soda cans to build a solar collector.  Download the free plans (.pdf)
More solar projects at

How to Make a Simple Hen Saddle

Linn Acres Farm posted this on Twitter:
How to Make a Simple Hen Saddle
I've seen these for sale for $15 or more.

How to Grow Sprouts with DIY Sprouting Jars

How To Make Homemade Laundry Detergent

Mandy, Hostess of Our Life Out There, presents a video for making laundry detergent
This is one of the skills for The Great Homesteading Challenge: to learn a new homesteading skill every month.

How to Build a Pond

Infoturtle is a site about turtles.  Turtles need a pond.  The logical next step is a photodocumentary on how to build a pond.

How to Make Butter

Fresh homemade butter is one of the things that makes life worth living!  Julie's Homesteading Journal shows us how easy it is to make butter at home.

Cable Knit Baby Blanket

For you homesteaders with kids, Idlewild Alaska is the place to check out some exquisite workmanship.  Here we have a Cable Knit Baby Blanket.  You'll find instruction videos and Free Plans to knit your own.

Melting Aluminum Cans With $20 Homemade Mini Metal Crucible

This one is COOL.  A shout out to Off Grid World for putting this together: a homemade foundry with a steel crucible that will melt aluminum cans with heat provided by charcoal and a hair dryer.  This will turn trash into treasure.