New User Information and Site Guidelines

Thank You for your interest in this site. Before you are able to register as a user of the site, you must be approved.  Right now it's a one man show.  If anyone can get involved without human intervention, the spammers will destroy the site.  I get 5-10 hackers, sometimes more, trying to register every day.  Part of what I do before approving access is run your IP address, username, and email address through some spammer databases.  The very first registrant showed up on spam sites repeatedly.   You can make it easier for me.  When you create a new account, send an email with something like "I'm not a spammer".  No email, No approval.  Once you are approved you are able to log in and create your own content: Essays, Articles, Links, How-To and DIY instructions, comment on articles, and more as the site is developed.  Until your reputation is established, all content and contributions must be approved before being published.  There are several reasons for this approach, spam being the biggest and is a continuous battle.  As technology and code develops, so does the means of getting around it.

Site Integrity

This is important.  Part of the intended user base of the site will be people seeking information and those sharing information.  New ideas, new methods, observations and techniques which improve farming and gardening practices at every level from apartment balcony grower to large family farms, and who knows, perhaps some corporations will be able to improve their ways with information found here.  In part, this site is a launching pad.  New ideas can be met with hostile resistance.  It is vital that the content here be truthful, reputable, able to bear the weight of critical judgement by proving itself through duplication.  Content must be original.  There can be no exceptions.

Real Name

Where you use your name, it will be your real name.  First Name space Last Name.  If you are publishing your original work, take the credit and assume responsibility for it.  If you choose to use a name such as 'Unicorn Raindancer' or 'Pirate Pete' your User Account will not be approved and submissions may not be published.  Should you change your username later, I'll change it back.


You retain the copyright for your material.  I have a copyright on the webpage to keep the bad people at bay.  I can use that copyright to 'urge' people who have used material from this site without permission to: credit the creator, remove the stolen material from a website, and, if push comes to shove, seek a real world solution.

Allowable Content

As a user, you help to steer the direction of the site.  At this point, the canvas is nearly blank.  Content should be related in some way to starting and operating a business, farming, homesteading, permaculture, organic growing, natural growing, livestock, plants, animals, wild game and wildcrafting, learning events, frugality, food, water, pollution, saving the environment, relevant product/book/media reviews, news, and events.

Fact should be a priority.  There are times when opinion is key;  Critical thinking has value.  Articles and essays will have body.  Short statements are not going to work independently-this site is not a forum.  However, if you wish to start a blog, it would be a means of communicating your brief thoughts of the day.

Social issues are acceptable as long as they are relevant to the theme of the website.  An article on gay marriage would be out whereas an article about a gay couple operating a CSA would be acceptable.  Monsanto bashing might be rejected while a study of the effects of glyphosate on weeds would be appropriate.  Legislation concerning raw milk would be allowed, blaming the Whig Party for it would not.  Do not be afraid to confront the issues the world faces.  At the same time, you'll want to dot your I's and cross your T's:  Your name will be on the page.

If your material is theory, state that.  If it is fact, feel free to include your data and references.  Put science behind your work where you can.  If your material is opinion, you will want to let the reader know.  Esoteric notions such as the spiritual energy of pyramids just won't fly around here.  The buzzwords here are Relevance, Reason, Responsibility, and Accountability.

Forbidden Content
The Big 4: Politics, Religion, Abortion, Porn. 

Where Do We Go From Here

The site is young but content and users are growing.  At this stage, you help to set the standard for future users.  Your contributions will help shape the site, give it character, and point the ethical compass in the best direction.

There is a slight bug in the system.  In the User Profile, the location keeps showing up initially as "Florida, USA".  This is my location and for some reason it will be yours until I find the bug or you change it manually.