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Farming is Opportunity.  Whether it's a rented garden plot, a backyard in town, a smallholding of a few acres or wide open ranch with big sky, pastures, and forests, farming offers an opportunity to improve ourselves and our environment.  Better food, clean food, fresh air, peace and quiet can all be found.  Perhaps your motivation is restoring the earth.  Maybe you just want to make a few extra bucks.  If you want to take it all the way, make a good living, enjoy an awesome lifestyle, you can do it all while at the same time making the world a better place.



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Scavenging, Gathering and Repurposing

This article was originally meant to be part of the Cooperative Enterprise Plan, the details of which are just becoming available on the front page or through the menus.  Since it offers insight into the potential a farm cooperative has in being established at low cost, supporting the community, developing a sharing economy, using available resources to teach and learn, and operating more profitably, I decided it needed greater exposure on this site.  It has been reconfigured accordingly.

Cans For College

In 1998, 102 BILLION aluminum cans were produced in the United States.  Looking at the US Census records for that year it works out to 369 cans for every man, woman, and child in the country.  I'm sure I coud find more recent statistics if I took the time, but the exact figure is not really all that important.  What is important is what can be done with those cans.

200 Member Cooperative, Plan Outline

This page is being replaced to remove 200 people as a limiting idea.  The new page: Cooperative Enterprise, Plan Outline  If you would like to discuss any of these ideas in an open forum, join me on Tsu:
-Ken Peavey

Initialize a Co-op With a Pizza Shop

I've been putting ideas together for a few years now and keep coming up with the same conclusions.  The main idea is to recruit a whole bunch of people to open a business using the money they are already spending.  The principles are sound and historically proven.  A corporation is an organization which utilizes a group of people as investors to form a company and conduct business.  A cooperative sees those same investors as the customers or workers.

Resilience Has Been Lost

When I was 12 I went to my great grandmothers house to stay during the Christmas break at school.  I took some reading material along, but much of the time was spent enjoying my grandmothers company and helping lift heavy things or reach high shelves.  During this particular stay a blizzard come through knocking down power lines across the state.  Roads were impassible for all the ice and snow.  The wind had blown the snow in front of the garage forming a huge snowdrift from the top eave all the way out to the road.  It took me a week to shovel it out.  

The Cost Of Groceries

The Green Revolution has been touted as a wonderful benefit to mankind.  Food can be produced with an efficiency and ecnomics of scale unimagined a century ago.  The unprecedented volume means we can feed our numbers as never before in history.  Catastrophic famine is a disaster of the past.  Instead of living with the paradigm of seasonally available foods the supermarkets offer us: "Everything, All the Time."

We Need New Farmers Growing Old Crops

Looking at the statistics of food production and population there is no way we can get out of this GMO mess by going cold turkey. The planet is dependent on the food produced to feed itself. There are not enough food producers out there growing clean food with heirloom seed to replace the GM food being grown. The seed producers are no longer out there to replace the GM seed.

Clay Pot Irrigation

Here's an 8 inch clay pot.  You can get these at the big box hardware stores for around 3 bucks.  They are unglazed.  There is no coating of paint or enamel.  What this means for folks that want to garden is these pots can be used as an inexpensive, slow and steady irrigation tool.  You may have heard the terms 'olla', 'pitcher irrigation' or 'clay pot irrigation'.  Whatever you prefer to call it, the principle function is the same.  Unglazed clay allows water to seep out of the vessel through the walls and bottom.  When mostly buried, the water is served to the root zone of the plants wher

My Homemade Microbe Mix

Here's are 3 pictures to show the water plant I use to make a microbe mix by crushing the leaves by hand in a large bucket (25Litre) to the same parts Raw sugar - usually a kilo of each (not sure what that is in pounds as I'm in Australia) then once mixed/crushed together  you'll find the sugar bruises into the leaves and sticks to it.

I then push it down hard into a big jar with a large hole in the top and when done I put a small rock on top to hold it down then cover with a paper towel.

Why I Do What I Do

The big vibe I'm picking up on as I talk with people is a desire to get out of the city, find that piece of land and do something productive with it. Lots of folks want to grow some type of plant, be it vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, or just a small garden. There's folks who want to add a few chickens or ducks or a couple of pigs or some dairy cows to their plan. There are folks who want to get into a situation where they can provide for more of their own needs with the sweat of their brow. Some want to learn, some want to teach, some just want to watch.


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