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Farming is Opportunity.  Whether it's a rented garden plot, a backyard in town, a smallholding of a few acres or wide open ranch with big sky, pastures, and forests, farming offers an opportunity to improve ourselves and our environment.  Better food, clean food, fresh air, peace and quiet can all be found.  Perhaps your motivation is restoring the earth.  Maybe you just want to make a few extra bucks.  If you want to take it all the way, make a good living, enjoy an awesome lifestyle, you can do it all while at the same time making the world a better place.



Recent Articles

Develop A Diversified Income

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


Passing Thoughts

When ideas run through my head and I have a chance to make a note of it.

Saving Money Is A Decision

I work for an industrial contractor.  Hard work, long hours, good pay.  Much of the year sees a busy schedule.  Towards the end of the year we usually get a break for 2-3 months with short weeks, maybe a week here and there will see us at the house every day.  Thank God we're slowing down right now, it's been a long one!  

The Power of 200 Organized People

What can 200 people accomplish when they are well organized and cooperating for their common needs?

Greenhouse Seed Starts

Part 1 of 3. Here's how I start seeds in the greenhouse, with step by step photos.

The Natural Growing and Small Farm Reader

The Natural Growing and Small Farm Reader is a collaborative book project encompassing a collection of articles, essays, stories and papers dealing with a particular subject matter. The first book in the series will be focused on projects suitable for a Natural Growing Farm and Homestead. This covers permaculture, certified organic, all natural, and wild harvested foods, be they plant, animal, fungi, livestock or fish, from growing, to harvest, to processing, to marketing. The scope of the first edition includes renewable energy, structures, habitats and shelters.

Fun With Arithmetic

I really should get out more.
I take a statistic or measurement and extrapolate data using What If thought experiments.  It's not an Obsessive-Compulsive thing, and I don't do it all the time, just now and then.  From time to time I get right into it, meandering from one thought to another, with the end result having nothing to do whatsoever with what I started from.

Liquid Grass Clipping Fertilizer

An all natural, liquid fertilizer made in a couple of days with locally available material using simple equipment that can be applied to crops at any time without harm.

Leaf Mold

Leaf mold, leaf mould, duff, humus.  Whatever you want to call it, I've been giving it much attention lately. Online information is scarce. It seems to be a terribly overlooked, under appreciated, and especially useful material. I've been meaning to post some notes about leaf mold but it seems like the days are not as long as they used to be, even with setting the clocks.


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