9 Ways to Make Money on the Homestead

Farm Roommates

The fastest way to generate income is to bring in roommates.

Income Project: Wood Tomato Cages

Over in the How To Section I put up a link to build tomato cages. has an article: Building Sturdy Tomato Cages.  You'll want to read that first to find out what I'm talking about and have a look at a cage in use.

The finished product: 4' x 16" x 16" Tomato Cage

Develop A Diversified Income

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


The Power of 200 Organized People

What can 200 people accomplish when they are well organized and cooperating for their common needs?

Garden Plot Rental

A few years back I read where the average home garden in the US was 300 square feet.  That's a rectangle 10'x30' or a square about 18 feet on a side.  I make raised beds 4 feet wide by 50 long, so 300 sqft is pretty small from my perspective, and I've handled as much as a couple of acres of these beds.  My current project involves setting up about 100 of these beds.  For a first time gardener, little old lady, or experimenting student, 300 sqft may seem like a huge space.  It's all in the eye of the beholder.  Regardless of size, there are plenty of people out there with no garden space who

146 Income Projects

Interested in Guest Blogging?  A feature of this site is presenting ways to diversify income on a small farm or homestead. The more useful information that can be put in front of people, the greater their chance of success.  I've put together a list of potential income projects.  While I've developed some into articles, I've got a lot on my plate. Getting to all of these will take some time and I'm sure there are people who could seize on the opportunities presented.

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